Lifestyle Photography In Lancashire with The Dedrie’s

How about some Lifestyle Photography In Lancashire? Back to Darren and Stephanie’s lovely home in Preston, Lancashire. They have had a new edition to their family. Emily now has a little brother called Sammy.

We got to photograph the Dedrie’s a couple of years ago (view here) so it was a real pleasure to be asked to go and photograph them all again.

Emily just dotes on her little brother, it’s great watching them play together around the house. After a few shots indoors, we went into the back garden and photographed the family naturally together.

Darren is the mastermind behind all Ally M’s branding, the guys is a genius! He also prints photographs and has a wall in his house more or less covered with our photography, which is very flattering. :)

Lifestyle Photography

We love capturing a family story in such a natural way. In our eyes, families and couples do not need any direction from a photographer. Children playing do not need to be told how to play or when to smile, they do it all naturally. There are always going to be fun, quirky moments to photograph. We never work from a studio, all our lifestyle sessions are done on location, or in the comfort of a family home.


Lifestyle Photography In Lancashire playing with her toys portrait of sammy passing over the balloon black and white of cildren playing eating his toy creeping up on his sister looking at the camera mother with her son black and white photo of Sam chils shoes family photography in Lancashire playing on the scooter natural family photographer natural family photography in Lancashire eating apples blowing bubbles woops emily blowing bubbles father with his son pushing the lawnmower hiding in the bushes darren with is boy natural family photo lifestyle photographer in Lancashire mum and son looking at daddy on daddys shoulders flying high whats in the basket natural lifestyle photography in lancashire toys on the floor whats in the oven? grabbing her brother reflection mummy and her little girl high 5


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