Lancashire pre wedding shoot with Lauren & Brad

A Lancashire Pre wedding shoot of Lauren & Brad…

OK, where to start with this one. Im shooting Lauren and Brads wedding at the end of May at Bolton school which is in Bolton, funnily enough. We arranged to do their pre wedding shoot a month prior to the wedding but never really had a location in mind, that’s until Lauren got in touch and told me her dream image for me to capture. She told me that she would love an image of her reenacting the scene from dirty dancing, the one were Patrick Swayze lifts baby up with them both in the lake, to say i was shocked was an understatement. We live in Bolton, its April and the areas with water must be absolutely freezing! i asked Lauren if she was sure about this idea and she told me its her all time favourite film, along with Willow and reenacting a scene from Willow would be pretty bizarre. So we decided on Entwistle Reservoir which is on the road to Blackburn. On the day i picked Lauren & Brad up around 11am and made our way to the location. Just before the reservoir there is a large patch of woodland which i thought looked pretty cool to start the shoot. So we parked up on the road beside the woods and noticed quite a few men looking very dodgy and walking into the woods and when one walked out of the woods looking very suspicious, i had to ask him.. “there’s nothing dodgy going on in them woods is there mate?” and when he faced me with a little smirk on his and replied with “oh yeh!” i think all our hearts dropped to the floor. We had only gone and parked on a local dogging spot!!! :/ Well show must go on. So now there’s me and Lucy (fiancee/assistant) and another couple walking near a dogging spot with a big camera over my shoulder, surrounded by trees. After a few weird looks and smiles we got a couple of shots and hastily made our way to the reservoir.Phew! I don’t think i have ever noticed how beautiful Entwistle is, its like a little piece of Canada that’s been placed in Bolton. We got a few shots around the water and Lauren and Brad felt more and more relaxed as the shoot went on. You can tell just how much these two are in love and capturing the moments they share together was a joy. So the time had come, it was the time to get in that freezing water and Lauren turns into Baby and Brad turns into Patrick Swayze (cant remember his character name in the film). I think me and Lucy both felt how cold that water was with the looks on their faces and the gasps they made when they both stepped in. After a few attempts i think we got the best shot we could and im not sure if i am insured against hypothermia so we got through them pretty quick. This must be the craziest pre wedding shoot i have done with an an amazing couple, so much fun! Cant wait to capture their wedding next week :)

Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0001 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0002 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0003 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0004 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0005 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0006 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0007 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0008 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0009 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0010 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0011 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0012 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0013 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0014 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0015 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0016 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0017 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0018 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0020 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0021 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0022 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0023 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0024 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0025 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0026 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0027 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0028 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0029 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0030 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0031 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0032 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0033 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0034 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0035 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0036 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0037 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0038 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0039 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0040 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0041 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0042 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0043 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0044 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0045 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0046 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0047 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0048 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0049 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0050 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0051 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0052 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0053 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0054 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0055 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0056 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0057 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0058 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0059 Lauren.Brad-pre-wedding-shoot_0060

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