Carreglwyd Anglesey Wedding | Catrin & Chris

What a way to get back into the blogging game with this amazing Carreglwyd Anglesey Wedding. We got very excited chatting to Catrin and Chris on the phone and discussing what they had planned for their wedding on the beautiful Welsh island of Anglesey.

“We are having a hippie wedding in Anglesey” was the start to the conversation. We knew right then that this was going to be something special. Catrin and Chris actually live in Newcastle but wanted to have their wedding where Catrin’s Mum Llinos grew up.

We met them both at our local pub couple of months before their big day and hit it off instantly.

On the day of the wedding we met Catrin and the bridal party at a holiday home they were staying in on Anglesey not too far away from Carreglwyd where they would be having their wedding. We then made our way to the venue to meet Chris and the wedding guests. As we walked around the corner were greeted by the most colourful array of people. They got married with an awesome ceremony in the boathouse next to the lake. A perfect setting.

After a few drinks everybody made their way to the huge tent for food and speeches. The three best men moved everybody into the stables for an hilarious speech that they had filmed earlier and played on a large projector screen. Everybody was in fits of laughter.

And then it was time for the party, and oh my what a party this was. The awesome Reet Good Craic covered Fleetwood Mac’s album Rumours. They really did get everybody in a party mood, and then 5 different DJ’s playing one of the best sets I have ever heard at a wedding, Music I have loved forever. I think you can tell how good the party was with the amount of photos I have included in this blog post.

Carreglwyd Anglesey Wedding

Such a great, unique venue for a wedding. The stable is a Grade II listed building that is a short walk down the lawn to the beautiful lake and woodland. They had hay-bails on the lawn and a big swing that give this wedding a very relaxed “hippie” feel. It has a campsite too that is very close to the sea. We look forward to shooting here again very soon.


Holiday home Views og Anglesey Bridal preparations in Anglesey Bride doing bner hair. Putting makeup on Mum's hat falls on her face Bride doing her makeup Bridesmaids and bride getting ready Bridesmaid dress Brides mirror reflection Bridesmaid doing her hair Brides back tattoo Bridesmaid overwhelmed Here comes the bride in Anglesey sheep Carreglwyd lake Groom with wedding guests Groom wavig at guests Carreglwyd Anglesey Wedding | Catrin & Chris 1 Groom waiting for his bride to be Bride making her way to the boat house at Carreglwyd Guest clapping Bride looks at her husband to be Happy Grandad Groom looking at his lovely wife Married in the boat house at Carreglwyd Carreglwyd Anglesey Wedding | Catrin & Chris 2 Holding hands at the ceremony Wedding ceremony at Carreglwyd The choir Bride and groom watching the choir Little boy with the wedding rings First kiss Carreglwyd Anglesey Wedding Confetti Emotional groom with his Father in law Wedding guests laughing Big hugs Wedding tent at Carreglwyd Wedding details Sitting on the hay bails Hippie wedding Playing on the swing Carreglwyd Anglesey Wedding | Catrin & Chris 3 Carreglwyd Anglesey Wedding Photography Carreglwyd Wedding Carreglwyd wedding photo By the lake at Carreglwyd Bride and groom laughing by the baot at Carreglwyd Carreglwyd wedding photography Wedding at Carreglwyd Anglesey Ladies and Gentleman the bride and Groom baby with umbrella Father of the bride speech cool wedding guest Wedding guest enjoying speeches Happy bride and groom Guest laughing at speeches Bride laughing Guests outside the tent Grandad smiling on Carreglwyd Anglesey Wedding | Catrin & Chris 4 Father of the groom speech Laughing at speeches Emotional mother of the bride Top table clapping Bride speech Grooms speech Bride looking at her man Emotional groom Best men speech Wedding party watching speeches Carreglwyd Anglesey Wedding Photography Wedding photography in Carreglwyd Wedding photographer in Wales Colourful guest Bride and Groom first dance at Carreglwyd Ssiter of the groom dancing Bride dancing Carreglwyd Anglesey Wedding Wedding guest dancing Kid on shoulders Party people Happy guest at Anglesey wedding Bride and Groom picked up Dad dancing Big kiss Wedding band in Anglesey Happy girls singing Cool guy at wedding Bride and Groom partying hard The wedding band Bride gets up singing Wedding girls Anglesey wedding photographer Carreglwyd Anglesey Wedding | Catrin & Chris 5 Carreglwyd Anglesey Wedding | Catrin & Chris 6 Groom having the time of his life Wedding fun Cool wedding photo in Wales Awesome guy dancing at wedding wedding party in Anglesey Girl in hat Girl with cool tattoos dancing wedding guest singing along Carreglwyd Wedding

“Bloody brilliant!!!!!”


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