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Hi, I’m Ally, a wedding photographer based in Manchester, UK. I live with my lovely fiancée Lucy and we have three amazing children, Ethan, Layla and our baby boy Tommy. We are based just outside Manchester but travel up and down the country and abroad shooting weddings.

My love for photography began when I started seeing the world. I spent a full crazy summer in Ibiza with my friends back in the year 2000, I would document every day on a cheap camera and a big old fashioned camcorder, and because we didn’t have a TV we would watch all our days back on the little screen on the camcorder. Since meeting Lucy we have traveled to some incredible places together. We have looked out on the most amazing landscapes and scenery but what I’m most drawn to is people. I love expressions, a look, a smile, a tear, a thought, a fleeting moment … a story!

When it comes to wedding photography I love the natural shots. I’m as unobtrusive as possible capturing your story as it unfolds, moment to moment, and creatively. I’m always looking out for those quirky moments that always happen at a wedding. There are the “must get” shots like cutting the cake and exchanging the rings etc, but that’s not what my photography is about, I prefer to look out for those moments that make your wedding unique, and together make your story different.

I get on with my couples and families so well and most of them become my friends.

Music and film inspire me more than anything else with my photography, I definitely live my life to an ever changing soundtrack. I also have a slight obsession with The Sopranos and have watched every episode at least ten times!

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