A Summer Garden Wedding With Kate & Craig

We met Kate and Craig a few months ago at the pub over the road to discuss their wedding. Originally Kate was going to celebrate her 30th birthday at her mothers home in Bolton but then thought what the hell and decided to get married at her mothers house instead.

When they told me and Lucy this idea we thought we have to be a part of this.

I am really loving these design your own weddings i am seeing a lot of lately so was really excited when Kate and Craig asked us to photograph their wedding.

So the day arrived and what a glorious day it was, the sun was shining on Bolton. When we arrived at Kate’s mums house we was blown away with how they had decorated the garden, it really did look beautiful.

We got a few shots of Kate getting ready before making our way to Craig who was at his own house to get some snaps of him and the lads. Craig is a professional snooker player ( i had to drop that in ;) ) and travels all over the world all year round playing with all the best in the game. ( i wont drop any names but you get the picture)

Mere hall in Bolton is where they tied the knot and then back to the Garden party for drinks and all types of fun and laughs.

We managed to drag Kate and Craig away from the party for half an hour to get some shots of them together on the park around the corner. There was also a nice surprise for them when we got back, a couple of young lads who Kate’s folks had seen busking in Manchester came to play a great set of songs, everybody singing along to some classics.

Really enjoyed ourselves With Kate and Craig and their family.  Oh and i must mention that wedding cake that Kate’s sister Laura made, really special! Garden weddings.. the future!

flowers wedding details garden wedding details Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0008 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0009 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0010 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0011 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0012 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0013 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0014 wedding rings groom preperations Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0018 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0019 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0020 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0021 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0022 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0023 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0024 a summer garden wedding in bolton Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0026 bridal preparation wedding dress Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0030 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0031 bride and her mother getting ready Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0033 brides sister dads first view of his daughter in her wedding dress Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0036 wedding shoes and wedding dress mere hall Bolton wedding cars Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0041 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0042 the bride arrives Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0044 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0045 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0046 groom and his father Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0048 first look Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0050 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0051 i do Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0053 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0054 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0055 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0056 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0057 exchanging rings Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0059 congratulations Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0061 party time wedding food wedding celebrations strawberrys and champagne Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0066 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0067 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0068 confetti shot bride nad groom meet their guests bride and groom together Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0072 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0073 me and mrs the bride with her grandmother beautiful bride Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0077 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0078 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0079 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0080 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0081 love Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0083 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0084 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0085 bride nad groom togther bride and groom having fun on their wedding day in bolton Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0088 the guys bride nad groom refection walking together in the park Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0092 bride and groom posing for thier pictures close up of kate kate on her wedding day Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0096 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0097 portrait of the groom portrait of kate in the park craig looking at his wife kate looking back at craig kate and craig in a frame walking off togther Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0105 artistic shot of the bride and groom artistic shot of the bride and groom back to the party kates uncle Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0110 that stunning wedding cake Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0112 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0113 the wedding party Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0115 kates mother and father Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0117 portrait of the bride and groom Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0119he groom Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0120 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0121 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0122 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0123 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0124 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0125 fathers speech a wedding toast Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0128 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0129 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0130 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0131 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0132 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0133 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0134 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0135 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0136 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0137 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0138 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0139 wedding band performing dancing Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0142 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0143 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0144 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0145 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0146 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0147 wedding props Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0149 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0150 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0151 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0152 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0153 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0154 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0155 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0156 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0157 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0158 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0159 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0160 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0161 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0162 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0163 bride enjoying a dance Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0165 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0166 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0167 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0168 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0169 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0170 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0171 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0172 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0173 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0174 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0175 the first dance Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0177 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0178 Kate-Craig.Bolton-wedding_0179



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